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Wireless Power Bank

SP2 gradient pink wireless power bank

Standard: QI
Charging Efficiency:≥72%
Launch distance:≤8MM
Type c intput : 5V/3A
QI output :5V/1A
Usb output:5V-1A/2A/3A
Color :Pink
Battery capacity:6000mAh
Features:   Inspired by ice cream.Cool sumer ,Cool design,bring the beautiful scenery
along you and
Usb port*1,Type c port *1

    SP2 Wireless power bank is a good  travel companion.

           Sailwalrus wireless power bank SP2 is light, portable and beautiful. The design is inspired by ice cream. It supports multiple fast charging protocols. And Like a traveling companion, It will accompany you through those unforgettable life journey.

           With the function of wireless charging and high power input,It can greatly use less time to fill themselves.

           It Supports various quick charging protocols to charge mobile phones faster. The output power is  10W, which is a fast and safe mobile power source for charging the device. It can be charged quickly, so it knows more about the value of time.

           Technology upgrade, single hand grip more comfortable.The surface is special processed, not only has a higher structural strength and anti-collision, but also anti-sweat and anti-corrosion, more ergonomic arc design, easy to hold a single hand.

           High quality circuit cell, multiple protection is more secure.

           Adopting high precision resistant-capacitance sensing device, advanced circuit chip is not only safe, but also can effectively improve the conversion rate, stable discharge voltage, and at the same time can provide multiple circuit protection, whether charging or discharging or standby, can easily deal with over charging, over discharging, high temperature, short circuit and other abnormal circumstances.

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