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Wireless Car Charger

SC1 Voice control car wireless charger

Model:                         SC1
Standard :                    QI
Material :                      ABS+PC
Charging Efficiency:     ≥72%
Launch distance :         ≤8MM
Input :                           5V/2A  or 9V/1.67A
Output :                        10W,7.5W or 5W
Color :                           Black
Product size:                 135*78.5*20mm  
Features:                    Voice command to turn on/off the phone holder.
Wake words:                  ViVi

    SC1 Voice control wireless car charger.

    The driver can operate with the product with single hand , It is easy to take and put off, safe and reliable.

    The wireless car charger can be controled by Voice , Our company can input clients‘ mother language.

    The mobile phone won‘t shake in driving, the mobile phone will be very stable.

    No need to plug or unplug the charging cable, enjoy the convenience of wireless charging technology.

    With over current, over voltage, over temperature, short circuit and other multiple protection functions, safe and fast charging.

    We Choose the best  material, and the car interior style more match, atmosphere highlights the quality.

    It Compatibles with 4-6 inch phones.

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