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Sailwalrus New Design Suction Cup Wireless Charger S4 is Coming.

Time:2018-11-23 Views:301
After the efforts of the design department, the Sailwalrus new wireless charger S4 was successfully launched.

Description of  S4:
S4 is a fast wireless charging pad phone charger with suction cups design.It is also a portable phone holder and a winder for cables.When you are watching TV,it can be without hands-holding.

Advantages of S4
(1) convenience: non-contact, one-to-many charging, compared with general chargers, reduces the trouble of plugging and unplugging, and at the same time, avoids the phenomenon of interface inapplicable and poor contact, etc., which is also very convenient for the elderly to use. One charger can charge multiple loads, and one charger can be purchased by a family to meet the needs of the whole family.

(2) versatility: as long as the same wireless charging standard is used in a wide range of applications, any device of any manufacturer can be charged wirelessly.

(3) novelty and good user experience.

(4)Charging can have a higher conversion rate, which can reach about 80%. In response to the strict requirements on its placement, savey has made improvements and introduced a charging seat called "wireless charging board". A magnet is built in to draw the terminal to a specified position; Make the coil position consistent, so that the terminal can be charged at any position on the charging board. Today‘s phones and mobile Internet are wireless, but power transmission is not yet off the line. Once the data line is forgotten, or the interface of the data line in the hand is not matched with the phone, it will become a very troublesome thing for the phone, which is not only a communication tool, to run out of power. Similarly, the wireless power transmission will bring great convenience to all aspects of electricity consumption, and complex wiring problems will be completely solved.