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Congratulations Sailwalrus Wireless Charger Pad S1 Got QI certification

Time:2018-11-24 Views:339
      As wireless charging becomes more and more popular, more and more institutions begin to realize the potential of wireless 
charging. However, the real push for wireless charging has only really taken off since apple‘s decision in February to adopt Qi and join the wireless charging alliance (WPC). But the rapidly growing wireless charging market has also led to the emergence of many low-quality, potentially unsafe counterfeit products. This highlights the value of Qi certification. It is worth celebrating that our wireless charger S1 has obtained Qi certification.

     The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi standard allows you to lose the wires and charge your mobile device. Using magnetic induction technology, Qi compliant devices can just be laid upon a base station to charge without the need for power cables. Qi devices are easy to use – just set your mobile device onto a charging station (aka base station) and your Qi-compliant device will receive power wirelessly. No more plugs necessary. Plus base stations and mobile devices communicate to halt the power transfer once the mobile device has finished charging. No worries about overcharging and ruining your device’s battery. 

     How to identify whether the product has  Qi certification?

How do you know if a product is actually Qi certified? Here are some indicators to determine whether you are getting fake products or formal Qi products.

1. Check 
whether the company is a member of wireless charging alliance (WPC) - only the company that is a member of WPC 
and has signed the Qi logo license agreement can certify the product.

2. Look for Qi logo -
Qi logo can only be used for 
products with Qi certification.

3. Pay attention to the specification of Qi - "Qi certification" is the only official statement. A statement of "compliance", "Qi" or 
"with Qi" may indicate that the product has not been officially Qi certified for testing.

4. Check Qi certification database
- all Qi certified products can be 
found in this Qi certification database. If you find a product that matches the brand name, product name and model number, It is qi certificated.